Multi-Touch – A Brand New Patent For Your Piano


The Multi-Touch is a device for changing the weight of piano keys and their adjustment. This device is useful for students, teachers, piano players, and concert halls.


 This device allows to gradually decrease and increase the resistance of the keyboard according to the pianist’s desire and the practicing goals of each moment. The resistance of the key can decrease up to twice (become twice as light) and increase up to three times (become three times heavier), or more, as needed.

As the resistance increases, the inertia of the key decreases accordingly. That is, the assumed speed of the change of the direction of the motion increases. In other words, the repetition abilities of the instrument improve. This creates a substantial difference in comparison to the known method of weighing the keyboard by adding heavy weights of lead.

When the device is set to neutral, the characteristics of the piano remain unchanged.

When decreasing the resistance, it’s important to remember that the degree of decreasing is limited by the instrument itself. Decreasing the resistance suits situations in which the keyboard is heavier than usual or when dealing with a child in his/her first years of studies.

The construction of the device allows to adjust the weight of specific keys, even before adjusting the whole keyboard, if there are faults with the instrument.

The device doesn’t necessitate changes in the mechanics of the piano, doesn’t interfere with the movement of the mechanical parts and doesn’t call for any special adjustments. It does not harm the mechanical parts while in use. On the contrary, the device itself absorbs some of the pianist’s efforts, thus prolonging the life expectancy of the hammers and other parts.

The device is controlled by a mechanism which is located in a discreet location under the keyboard.

It is possible to adjust the structure of the device according to different piano models, upright or grand, old or new, while keeping their special characteristics.

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